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Leopard Shadow :: Adam Scott  Rote

Leopard Shadow

Mixed Media on Canvas 30" x 20"

Adam Scott Rote

Since the early days of 'The Art of The Cocktail,' Adam Scott Rote's subject matter and techniques have earned him a loyal following, when in 1989 his gallery first opened on Duval Street in Key West. Throughout the last decade, his paintings have been influenced by surrealist master Salvador Dali and 'pop pin-up' painters Vargas and McGinnis. Woven through the mixed media works, his visionary inspirations are derived from architecture, fashion and classic cinema.

"American Ruins," the beautifully ethereal collection based on the historic architecture of New England was inspired by a photographic diary of places - catching the beauty, the decay and the neglect. Magnificent structures built in a century of lost craftsmanship, abandoned over the decades. As the paint peels back from the walls, one senses the rooms as time capsules, life flowing backwards to be revealed in a palette of colors from bygone eras. Oils and acrylics encompassing the body of the work, watercolor and pastels supplying the detail. "I wanted to capture a moment of forgotten space, and marry it to the now." Using his trademark ethereal objects and figures that invoke feelings of a faded photograph; he drew on the 1960's for a dramatic timeline for the original series.

Continuing on his 'Ruins' theme, the new brightly colored canvases, despite having a thoroughly refreshing feel to them, immediately suggest an innately nostalgic and romantic notion - one, uniquely American. But they are more than just that. The newer work adheres to that intrinsic idea, that the subject - whether animal, vegetable or mineral undergoes a kind of rebirth to become an object, not only of past desire but essentially an icon of permanent importance. Adam's work is about change, whether it be rusting tin cans, derelict interiors or, ourselves. It is about adjustment, development and acceptance.

Having enjoyed very favorable reviews from several recent art shows/fairs, Adam's paintings continue to be exhibited, with permission, across the United States, and are to be found in a growing number of private collections throughout the world, including those of 'Oscar' winner Patricia Neal, Grace Jones, Wyland, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Collection Privee is very proud to exclusively represent Adam Scott Rote, one of today's most original and collectable artists.