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Little Kiss (2013) :: Alexander  Krivosheiw

Little Kiss (2013)

Bronze Edition of 100 6.5" x 4" x 9"

Alexander Krivosheiw

Alexander Krivosheiw's sculptures are extraordinarily powerful. Krivosheiw's star has risen meteorically in the art world, with a monumental bronze public commissioned sculpture for a luxury residential complex in Taiwan that will be unveiled in 2015.

"I seek to balance the sophisticated modernity between familiar and foreign, which is my interpretation and expression of the song of movement and the poetry of emotion through the language of metal."

Joining traditional hand-fabricated craftsmanship with innovative, iconoclastic concepts realized in bronze and aluminum, Krivosheiw creates dynamic, curvilinear monumental sculptures and functional forms. Occupying the liminal and limitless space between abstraction and representation, Alexander's hand-welded, polished, and shaped creations are created in the laborious, old-school technique of metal fabrication, yet balance the sophisticated modernity between familiar and foreign. Krivosheiw effectively and intimately expresses the song of movement and the poetry of emotion through the language of metal.

"The representation of passion, of love, beauty, and humanity are fundamental to my journey, and each piece illustrates my inner connection to inviting thought and conversation."

Alexander Krivosheiw is an American sculptor born in New York in 1976. He holds BA with honors degree in sculpture from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His interest and influences were formed through studies in Greek mythology, archaeology, and social anthropology, as the Artist studied and honed his craft in Crete, Greece, where the traditions of sculpture began. He embarked on an extensive apprenticeship with sculptor Kevin Barrett honing his welding and fabrication skills for large-form sculpture. Works fabricated under Barrett's tutelage include bronze and aluminum sculptures reaching heights of 18 feet, many of which now reside in private collections worldwide. Krivosheiw also created numerous wall reliefs fabricated for the painter Tom Wesselmann which are housed in the permanent collections of venerable museums across the globe.