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Belle De Jour :: Bill  Toma

Belle De Jour

Bronze h: 39 in

Bill Toma

Bill Toma finally realized his dream of becoming a full time artist while persuing a teaching career at Long Beach City College, having gained a English MA in 1961. He started sculpting and working with metal during the early 1970's. Since that turning point, he has become an internationally known and collectible artist whose patrons include Stevie Nicks, Heather Locklear and Alice Cooper. When asked about his work, Bill Toma states that he greatly enjoys having his work speak symbolically to its viewers, no doubt a carry over from his literary background.

So extraordinarily detailed and exquisitely finished are Toma's works that he has been under exclusive contract with Walt Disney World, Disneyland and The Walt Disney Company since 1980.

Bill Toma's creations represent a vast and unique repertoire of his personal interests, capturing a flight of fancy, it freezes the imagination's most soaring dream, and brings it to terra firma for our pleasure and admiration. It allows us to travel to realms beyond, to realms of an alternative reality where anything is possible, to realms that offer the substance of our dreams, to realms that fire the imagination. Not limiting himself to one genre, he pursues a variety of subject matter: Wildlife, Nudes, Renaissance Harlequins and most recently, Fantasy Art.