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Liz Taylor ::   Kaupp

Liz Taylor

Mixed Media on Board 40" x 40"


Born in Frankfurt in 1953, photographer Martin Kaupp has evolved his distinctive style over a twenty-year career as a photographer, reporter and publisher.

Kaupp early in his career soon developed a strong sense of composition and color. Describing his work 'Popart Photography,' for him, the medium is much more than the mere message. Instead, the medium is a catalyst that heightens and transforms the message in magnificent and imaginative new dimensions.

"The capture within each image is that elusive moment when the truth emerges from the frame the minute the shutter clicks...."

As an innovator, he who pushes the boundaries into unexplored realms of expression utilizing the latest technology, while combining traditional mediums to express a unique body of work constantly reinventing and redefining the limits of this developing art form with his unique fusion of digital photography and pop expressionism.

The artist now devotes more time to his personal projects and developing techniques that so originally define his canvases. He has transgressed the boundaries between painting and photography creating new perspective and dimension. Kaupp dreamed of the possibility of painting with his photography - and liberated from the limits of the chemical process - and by the advent of the digital era in the nineties, he now manifests his dreams.