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Daphne :: Kenneth D.  Rowe


Hand Forged Steel 17" x 22" x 10"

Kenneth D. Rowe

Kenneth D. Rowe, though born in New Brunswick was raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. At age 19, enrolled at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. Several years passed as Rowe searched meaningful pursuits until he discovered a blacksmithing course in the art department that looked promising. He graduated in 2004 with a BSc in Fine Arts.

Kenneth D. Rowe’s work has become a chronicle of his journey towards re-igniting the most essential of virtues, a journey illustrated through the beauty of the visual.

"Beauty that bears no description and warrants no analysis as seen through eyes and felt through the heart. To experience his work is to witness the reawakening spirit."

Kenneth found himself excelling in both blacksmithing and jewelry. During this time he also spent a year working with renowned metal worker William Fiorini, at his private studio in Dakota, Minnesota. Having concentrated on sculpting his final college years, Rowe move on to the next phase of his development by combining his design aesthetic in jewelry with his desire to work in larger size.

Rowe's art celebrates the mysterious nature of existence. The sculpture reflects the natural strength and delicate design inherent in all living things - it attempts to discover the answers to the mystery of growth and metamorphosis. In combining themes from mythology Rowe created the seminal "Leviathan."

"Passion, muted by circumstance and lost through season, fades from our hearts over time, so often stolen by the invisible hand of fate."

After moving to Florida in 2006, Kenneth spent the next several years working in unrelated fields until the market crashed and he found himself in need of a new career. In late 2008, Kenneth founded his own studio/foundry complex and began working as a full time sculptor. Since then, Kenneth has been building a new body of work - free standing sculpture and wall hangings - that reflects his desire to communicate a spiritual message while celebrating the beauty of the world around him. Thoroughly modern in feel and highly stylized in articulation, these pieces will add elegance and radiance to a wide range of spaces, and provoke hours of contemplation and thought on the nature of existence.