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Connected III :: Nora  Chavooshian

Connected III

Cast Forton Wall Hanging, 5 Panels 48" x 19" x 5"

Nora Chavooshian

Nora Chavooshian studied sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute. Early in her career, while pursuing her artistry as a sculptor, Chavooshian worked as an award winning stage designer. She also designed films for director John Sayles, sculptural set pieces for director Martin Scorsese, and videos for Bruce Springsteen and Madonna.

In this capacity, Chavooshian designed and engineered set such a 'turn of the century' city streets, period baseball stadia and large scale sculptural set pieces. In the early nineties Chavooshian decided to turn her full attention to sculpture and becoming a fulltime artist. She traded the West for the East Coast and moved to New York, outside of which she works today.

Of her work, Chavooshian says, “Much of my sculpture juxtaposes raw texture against highly polished (sometimes anatomical) surfaces. The through-line in my work is the tension between that which is hidden and that which is revealed.... Each of my pieces, whether it incorporates naturalistic elements or is purely abstract, employs images of truths or mysteries not fully unearthed.”

Nora Chavooshian has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and is in private and public collections in the U.S. and Europe.