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Homage To Michelangelo :: Roger  Reutimann

Homage To Michelangelo

Bronze h: 34 x w: 7 x d: 5 in

Roger Reutimann

Roger Reutimann - an accomplished painter as well as sculptor - has dedicated himself to creating a body of work that reflects his desire to communicate a spiritual message while celebrating the beauty of the human form. He was born in Switzerland in 1961 and since childhood he has been interested in all forms of artistic expressions that communicate ideas and emotions in significant forms. He began playing the piano at the age of five. During his teenage years he competed in international piano competitions and performed as a classical concert pianist throughout Europe.

Among Reutimann's noteworthy achievements are the design and successful marketing of his own series of light fixtures. His award-winning handcrafted and limited edition lamps have been featured in numerous art and design magazines. For a number of years he organized art fairs in Zurich, Hamburg and Dusseldorf.

In 2009 he moved to Colorado having spent six years designing and handcrafting a Miami Beach Villa - artistically enhancing it with elaborate mosaic floors, mahogany cabinetry, ornamental plaster ceilings and stained glass windows. The home was ultimately published in Architectural Digest magazine.

"Mastery of technique and style will facilitate the process, but it's the meaning... the soul of the piece that provides the intellectual capacity to transcend, to transform."

Reutimann has been painting and sculpting his entire life but it was not until 2007 when he decided to turn his lifelong passion - to sculpt - into reality. Much of Reutimann's inspiration comes from observing society and human nature. His work has a strong conceptual content and the effects from his sculptures seek to be relevant and cohesive with our contemporary life.

The content or concepts of his sculptures are social statements and commentaries. Human behavior serves as inspiration and he uses the human figure to materialize those thoughts. The simplicity in his compositions highlights a message and showcases the human figure in its beauty. The soul of his work provides the capacity to transcend, to transform. His art intends to make the observer pause and think, provoke a dialogue and create an emotional connection.

"Social issues and cultural scrutiny remain a constant source of inspiration for my work. Infusing art with a concept provides the ability to communicate an idea on a deeper, emotional level."