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Humanimal :: Shlomi  Nissim


Photographic Print on Fine Art Paper, Edition of 8 59 x 47 inches

Shlomi Nissim

Shlomi Nissim was born in Israel in 1972 and as a child was often to be found exploring the countryside around him - usually with binoculars in search of wildlife and birds of prey.... dreaming of becoming a National Geographic photographer.

He received his first camera aged 13, a gift from his parents, and since then has developed a highly individual style - verging on the surreal, yet powerfully realistic in his treatment of the narrative subject matter. Prominent international curator, Nurit Tal-Tenne observes, 'his work is full of fantasy and nature that expresses his passion and provides dream-like quality narratives aesthetically with wild beauty. The photos are composed of images and symbols inspired by archetypical connotations derived from cultural, literary, and mythological moments.'

"My love for nature has followed me since I remember myself, with its magical force, powerful predators, untouched jungles and captivating stories and fairy tales such as Mowgly and Tarzan. I'm excited to be part of this amazing site and this great world "

'As well as biblical narratives, folk tales and legends combined in a single fictional scene, filled with the artistís personal fantasy, as if it is a single frame taken from a movie.'

Tal-Tenne continues, 'through his lens, Nassim captures divine scenes, some of which are inspired by the stories from Genesis, where characters are enchanted with the magic of the gods in synchronized harmony with the surrounding nature. While staying faithful to the beauty and pure aesthetics of art, he is equally inspired by other visual arts such as painting and cinema. His photographs are a reaction to his despair at mankind's conquest over nature. The work - whether documentary or staged scenarios - depict his aspirations for humankind and nature that go back to the beginning of time.'

"Photos and films of war fascinated me as a child but was also painful to me seeing the victory of modernization over nature. This is the very basis of my art today."

In his photographs, 'Shlomi Nissim disregards the day-to-day social and economic rigors of our times - he challenges the viewer to focus on a more diverse and a timeless life, where beauty, hope and magic transpire....'

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Group Show, Tribes Gallery, Israel
Israeli Art Exhibition for HIV - "Bank Hapoalim"
"Fresh Paint" Art Fair, Gallery Zimak
Dot Art Fair Miami, Gallery Zimak
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"The Box" Group Show, Tel Aviv, Israel
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'Exhibition' Castiel Gallery.
Museum of Israeli Art - Group Show Ramat Gan
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Israeli Art Exhibition for HIV - "Bank Hapoalim"
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Fair AAF Singapore, Minotaure Gallery and Expressions Gallery
Germany Group Exhibition 'Pitarohecht,' Minotaure Gallery

Fair AAF London and AAF Fair Holland, Germany AAF Fair, Fair AAF Belgium
Exhibition "Local Testimony" in three different categories - Eretz Israel Museum

Art Fair AAF London, Minotaure Gallery*
Art Fair AAF Amsterdam, Minotaure Gallery and Expressions Gallery
*"Red Riding Hood" was chosen to represent the Fair.