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Peace ::   Turco


Mixed Media on Canvas 32" x 55"


Born into and brought up in an artistic family - his father is a well known Italian artist - he pays tribute to that environment, never forgetting the early formative skills that he now combines so astonishingly in his innovative mixed media paintings. After a formal art college training in Milan and Rome, Turco's experience as a graphic designer working for the top fashion houses and design agencies of Italy, enabled him to develop highly professional as well as a personal and objective approach to his work.

Incorporating his illustration, drawing and photographic skills as a basis for the painting, then employing multi-media graphics enables him to enhance, adapt and change the eventual appearance of the original image. The addition of semi-precious stones, plastics, resins and - his signature - glittered varnish, results in a visual impact that "confronts ones inner and most secret self, to allow the awareness that the whole subject matter becomes bright and tri-dimensional - achieving an explosion of affection and of subjective reinterpretation."

Without loosing sight of reality, Turco transforms the possible into a dream, leaving the viewer free to appreciate the essence while escaping to the magical. He describes himself as an 'Art Designer' and his work as 'novel hybrid techniques creating a lifestyle - a new brand suspended between fashion, art and design.'

The Recipient of numerous awards and commissions - including Ferrari, Sheraton Hotels and Giorgio Armani - has earned him an ever-increasing reputation in Europe, where he has had over thirty one-man and group shows. His work can also found in the private collections of celebrities, film and rock royalty and business entrepreneurs around the world.