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Didi Morning :: Vicente  Dopico-Lerner

Didi Morning

Oil on Canvas 48" x 48"

Vicente Dopico-Lerner

Born in Havana, Cuba, Vicente Dopico-Lerner has lived in Miami and has traveled throughout the Caribbean since 1965. In 1974 he received his B.A. from the University of St. Thomas in Florida. Shortly thereafter in 1976 he received his Masters degree in Science as well as completing several courses at the Art Student League, Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University.
Dopcio-Lerner is the author of several essays on Cuban and Latin American art and featured in the Dominican Encyclopedia of Fine Arts.

As a museum artist, the intriguing works of Dopcio-Lerner have captivated viewers for decades. His watercolors on paper and oil on canvas paintings have expressive and symbolic clues to the inner psyche. Restless spirals lose and then gain clarity as the artist spontaneously creates a statement of emotions. His figures and faces convey both human and animal characteristics, which are open to the universe. There are bodies, some full and some fragmented without any apparent physical limitation. Subtle motives seem to occur and reoccur in the depths of Dopico-Lerner's work reclaiming energies and actions that have been drawn out in thin lines.

Vicente Dopico-Lerner has won several awards and has participated in more than 50 group and individual fine art expositions such as: The Contemporary Latin-American Art Exhibition held at The Museum of Art and History in Delray Beach, FL, May, 2000 / Latin-American Painters of Today held at The Museum of the Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, August, 1999 / 5th Exposition of Arawak Drawings held at The Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, January, 1998.

"The work of Vicente Dopico-Lerner takes place at a crossroad where the encounter between reality and its abstraction seem to search for each other in a continuous play of illusions".