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Consciousness and Other Peoples Astonishment :: Walter  Girotto

Consciousness and Other Peoples Astonishment

Oil and Pastel on Board 40" x 44"

Walter Girotto

Walter Girotto has called Rovigo, Italy, home for 45 years.

After receiving a Teacher of Arts diploma from the Liceo Artistico in Turin in 1972, he started to paint portraits and design cartoons.

Three years later Girotto enrolled at the Belle Arti Academy and shortly thereafter, his work was exhibited on a regular basis at the Centro di arte Renoir of Taranto. Between 1985 and 1987 he attended the annual Art Expo in New York. His paintings and drawings were greeted with such enthusiasm that they sold within the first hour of each show.
His first solo exhibition was presented in Los Angeles in 1988.

His paintings have an extraordinary ability to capture the nuances of the human experience. Sometimes turbulent, and often times using erotic associations to capture the attention of the viewer, he carefully modulates the lighting using gentle shadows and striking details, always conscious of the audience "the viewer". Using the purity of antique motifs, architectural elements, and varied compositions of the human anatomy, profound and poetic messages are the hallmark of his style and artistic skill.

Walter Girotto exemplifies the graphic strength of his subjects utilizing both the masculine and the feminine, resulting in a deep exploration of human thought and man's place in the universe, compelling you the viewer to attempt to distinguish the obvious with the uncertain.